Efficient, Functional and Beautiful Web design and Development

Smart Outsourcing

Webtech is international Website Design and Development company based in Kovin, Serbia. We have a devoted team of virtuosos who are constantly providing required timely solutions to our clients.

Our main aim is to create quality web technology services to variety of customers ranging from local clients to overseas to start a web-based business.

We can provide a complete service, starting from the initial consultations & planning of website design, proposals on technological procedures to subsequent support & training for the follow-up.

We are experts in:

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Web Site Design

Your web site is crucial marketing tool and store front for your business - clients will form opinion about the company just by looking at website, so it is very important that he leaves a good first impression on every visitor!

It doesn`t matter if you are building web site for the first time, or you just need re-design and improvements on existing one, we will provide you perfect solution for specified budget.

Web Site Pricing

Every web site is different, and price depends on how much time we have to spend building it.

Small web sites price is about 250$, better website with CMS system costs from 500$, and good website with web shop for example costs from 700$.

However, if you are looking for specific and customized CMS system with complex database, it will require much more time for creation and their cost starts from 2000$.

What kind of websites we make

According to us, good web site should have these characteristics:

 - It has to be well formed, structured and inspirational
 - Must be easy to navigate
 - Must have right info and great copy write
 - Pages must be loaded fast
 - Photos must be professional
 - And most important, it must solve clients problem!

While developing web sites, we always think about search engine optimization, and that way we make it possible to rank well on search engines.  If that is what you are looking for, please contact us so we can find adequate solution for your business.