Web Development Solutions

Webtech, a private IT company located in Kovin, Serbia, specializes in developing custom web development solutions for companies and businesses that have specific needs. At the same time, our team has an extensive experience in configuring open source CMS packages and e-commerce solutions.

A website is much more than just a part of your business plan in today’s competitive ever moving world. It is an important and essential service that your consumers expect from you. It is a market perception of your company. Your website is a showcase of your business, and website design is your “face” to the world. We understand the importance of a great website and will tailor the production and management needs to each individual client. A website is the place where customers can easily find necessary information about the product or service they are looking for, and also acquire details and facts about your company. Our web development team will facilitate direct communication with customers, vendors, suppliers and employees.

Content Management Systems

Keeping content relevant and up to date is the most important factor for the success of your website. Updating website content used to be the exclusive domain of trained professional developers and IT and web development companies. Custom website development solutions (i.e. CMS, Content Management Systems) give clients direct control of website content publishing and management, and eliminate the need for content writers to be concerned with the technical details. Webtech team provides secure and tested backend administration tools, thus enabling the clients to publish content directly within a website without any knowledge of HTML. Our development solutions allow you to upload images and documents as well as integrated WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors that make editing website content easy and fast.

E – Commerce solutions

The progress in technology has affected our lifestyles in both positive and somewhat negative sense. Firstly, the new technology changes cultural values by spreading ideas, values, and behavior patterns within a society. Secondly, fairly negative effects include the rise of commercialization and consumerism. The Internet has become a substitute for shopping malls and supermarkets.

Nowadays customers do not have time to wander the shops or service centers looking for a particular product or service. They want to be able to find exactly what they need quickly and purchase it immediately. Web presentation is a place where customers and service users can easily find important information about the product or services your company is providing.

E-commerce websites or online shops are becoming one of the premier uses of the internet, with existing businesses or companies expanding into the internet sector. It is a great vehicle for making extra money for your company and has the advantage of being open 24 hours, 7 days a week and reaching a worldwide audience. E-commerce website is an agile and trusted solutions where products and services can be sold and purchased while sitting in the comforts of your room.

Webtech team, working from our office in Serbia, comprises of skilled professionals having expertise in designing and developing hundreds of e-commerce shops. Above all, our e-commerce web solutions have a proven track record of maximizing business impact in the shortest time period.

E-commerce has numerous advantages over the traditional sale:

  • Sales increase – even small firms can be competitive with bigger companies in the global market
  • Cost reduction/ low overheads – due to lower indirect expenses and costs of maintaining the business
  • Easier management – due to simplified business processes and an increased level of automatism
  • Reducing the risk – due to lower costs and scope of investment

Our experienced project management and web development team will guide you from a business idea to implementation of a cost effective solution. We will deliver a valuable business tool specially designed to serve the specific needs of your business.